New Direction

My past few posts have felt more like a diary entry than what I assume should be a blog post (and have already been removed). Which end up making me feel silly after for expressing what feels like personal thoughts, into a field which generally only wants to read something relevant to them.

I’m still learning, and figuring out if these are even something I want people to read. It’s more for myself at the moment, and I’ll do one whenever I feel like it.

I did want to talk about what I’ve been up to lately.

Past couple months have been sort of a blur between game development, and learning new skills.

Something I’ve been quite interested in learning for a loooong period of time is Shaders.

Programming Shaders. The type of coding that some consider the black magic of programming.

I’ve been trying to slowly gain a better grasp of shaders, and have gotten to the point where I can fairly comfortably read HLSL/CG, and write them in Unity’s ShaderLab.

It is similar to C#, and once you understand it, it’s not black magic. It can involve a lot of math though…

Though most of what I’ve been doing hasn’t been anything to spectacular. However, I have gained a far greater understanding of how computers compute things like normal maps, albedo, emission, metallic, spec, etc. (Pretty much everything that makes up a PBR texture).

It’s been quite interesting.

I have a few Shader projects for myself I want to complete in the next little while:

Easiest РCreate a texture with translucency that moves/distorts itself on top of a model.

Mediumish – Sonar Echo pulse thing… Moves over top of a model outlining it’s geometry.

Image result for detroit become human gif

Something like this…

Hardest – create something as close as possible to the Sea of Thieves’ ocean

Image result for sea of thieves waterImage result for sea of thieves water gif

I can dream…. I caaaan Dream.

I was also going to play around with creating my own lighting model, and make something toon shader esc.

Though I have already done some thing like that, and I might play around with trying to make the Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker toon shader, or making my own to the idea I have in mind.

I don’t normally post my work since I can never deem it as good enough to show, but I will try to post some stuff in the future. in regards to my work.

Whether it be Shaders or something completely different.


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