The Beginning or the End

Well, it’s happening again. Lord knows I’ve tried to start a blog, a few times. Always sounds like a good idea at the time. I come at it with the best of intentions.

The Games/Digital Media/Entertainment Industry seems like you need a strong online presence to be seen. Well here I am again… trying to be seen. (I’m tall enough, I should be easily noticeable, c’mon people…)

Let’s talk Present-Future. I’m quitting my current semi full time job. I work as a Sales Associate at a Fitness studio franchise called “OrangeTheory Fitness”. Honestly love the workouts, and will probably pick myself a membership up again shortly after I’m gone (As I leave, so to does the benefits of using the facilities for free, good bye sweet free workouts, you will be missed).

The reason for my future absence is mostly due to lack of motivation. I don’t see myself progressing in the field of sales, and wish to focus my time on the areas of my life that truly matter to me. There are other some other reasons as well, lets not talk about those.

My last day is Nov 30th, and today I said goodbye to sir Steve. A comical coach that I frequently closed the day out with. He as well as everyone else there shall be missed (but on the slim-to-none chance you are reading this Steve, I miss you the most. Tell your ego I said your welcome đŸ˜‰ ).

I’ll tell myself I’ll visit every now and again, but I’m honestly the worst at keeping in touch. So many people I need to get back in touch with, but I seem to just let them keep drifting further and further away from me, but that is a story for another day… maybe…

Now on to the next big thing.

With my main source of income coming to an end a question comes that is: “What next?”

What next indeed.

Here is what I came up with.

School. Or rather home school.

This next month I am going to be putting my all into furthering my education, and here is how:

  • Pluralsight
  • StackSkills
  • Udemy
  • CubeBrush
  • Pencil Kings

The things just listed are websites I have been chipping away at course work over the past couple years. Most notably Pluralsight, which used to be Digital Tutors to me before they were acquired by Pluralsight.

A mix of Programming and Art skills is what I am after, with the goal of furthering my knowledge and expertise in all things games.

I would really like to be a Technical Artist though I am still not 100% what that job description is since each one is different…

I have always been fascinated with how a computer can interpret code on a screen. Robotics. Computers. Making them bend to my will [insert evil laughing].

I like to think I have a good understanding of the fundamentals. Pluralsight to thank for that. Coupled with my already good understanding of Unity, is probably how I was able to land a part time job as a teacher, teaching kids how to program.

That doesn’t come without it’s shortage of insecurity, and self doubt. Having never had a real programming job, or a formal education in Computer Science has left me feeling inadequate in a lot of areas related to that field of study, and wondering if what I know is enough. Along with the fear of unknowing. “You don’t know what you don’t know until you know it”… Terrifying…

As for Art, I only discovered my art side roughly 4 years ago. I haven’t been doing to most to cultivate it, but I really want to start tapping into that again, as I really enjoyed my time spent, and results received from applying myself into that creative vein in my life.

I have this strange recurring fantasy where I am a concept artist, 3D Character Artist, and all things Animator. Yeah… We’ll see how long that lasts.

On top of my plethora of coding, art, and a little business, courses lined up, I will also try to apply my knowledge over a series of small to large projects, which I am hoping to document here on this blog.

Motivation is one of the biggest risks to my whole self education plan, and this blog is one of my ‘hopeful’ combatants to this. Something to hold me accountable. However, this plan has failed me before, so on top of this I have joined a meetup group to get out and study with others.

The next few weeks/months look bright, as there are at least 3 game jams coming up I will be attending. Love me some game Jams, they push me past the norm, and is a realm where motivation is a non-issue.

Hopefully I will have something better to talk about coming up!

Until then, yours truly.